Do you ever feel anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist? Have you had negative experiences at the dentist in the past? If so, our office could be for you. We offer a variety of options to provide pain free dentistry for our patients.

Conscious sedation involves taking a pill before your appointment to help you feel relaxed during your treatment. We will carefully monitor you during the procedure to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. With conscious sedation, you will remain awake during your treatment, but you may not remember portions of your visit.

Some benefits of conscious sedation include:

• Receive care without pain
• Remain conscious yet completely calm
• Return to daily activities within the same day
• Complete more dentistry in less visits
• Safe for many patients
• Make long procedures easy
• Makes for a positive patient experience

We are pleased to provide multiple types of pain free dentistry to ensure that your experience at our office is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. For more information on how pain free dentistry can improve your dental experience, please call us today.