With your busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, sometimes the healthy thing to do is just relax! We apply this concept to our dental practice by providing relaxation therapy for our patients.

Many people find it difficult to relax while at the dentist’s office. We understand that this anxiety is real and can often prevent people from getting the dental care they need and deserve. That is why we offer several forms of relaxation therapy for you and your family.

One technique that we use utilizes a device know as DentalVibe. DentalVibe alleviates the anxiety of oral injections by massaging the nerves and tissue around the injection site for better dental experiences. That helps people smile more every day!

DentalVibe applies a light vibration to the tissues around the injection site while anesthesia injections are administered. Research has shown that when vibration and injection sensations are occurring simultaneously, the vibration feeling reaches the brain first and essentially blocks the feeling of the injection from being perceived by the brain.

We also offer aromatherapy to help our patients relax. Our sense of smell has a direct impact on our mental state and can often associate positive thoughts with our dental office. The same applies to music therapy, which we are also happy to provide our patients with.

To learn more about our relaxation therapy services, please contact us today.